At Provincetown Pet Resort we utilize the most up-to-date and positive training methods to create a fun and rewarding experience for both dog and owner.

Our group classes are a very economical way to get started on getting your dog to listen to you. In a group class forum, you and your dog attend training sessions together with other like-minded individuals and their dogs.

training picDog Training Services Offered:

PUPPY CLASS: $199.00 for six classes
This 6-week course begins to lay the foundation of obedience skills that will help produce a well mannered safe dog as your dog grows into adulthood!

Using a common sense approach along with lots of humor and patience, we will begin to teach your pup to:
• Watch Me
• Sit – Stay
• Place
• Down Stay
• Off
• Leave It
• Heel and Auto Sit
• Quiet
We also discuss Housebreaking and Dietary!

BASIC CLASS $199.00 for six classes
This 6-week course follows the same principles of Puppy Class, furthering your dog’s ability to progress further! At the end of class, we may graduate with a rousting game of Musical Placemats – something you can teach your dog to play with children or depending upon the weather, perhaps a Heel walk through town!
Individual behavior or obedience lessons with Gina Hayes, noted behaviorist and breed expert. Gina’s methods consists of calm tone of voice, quiet confident body language, gentle encouragement, teaching each dog over and over again until the dog learns what is being taught and then teaching you how to do the same thing, understanding breeds and their inherited characteristics, understanding how a proper diet for your individual dog may help with behavior and training. Lessons scheduled upon request.

Please call us for upcoming dog training class schedule.

“When an eighty-five pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.”
– Kristan Higgins (author, In Your Dreams)


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