I don’t know about you but shopping for my pet children (or my family’s pet children) may just be the easiest holiday shopping I do. My dogs just never seem to drum up any of the drama that can surround gift giving with humans. They’re always thrilled with what I have to offer. Christmas time is a lovely time to pick up a nice gift for either your own dog or someone else’s. If you are looking to make a ‘splurge’ on your pooch, here are some ideas to tuck under the tree.

Zack and Zoey Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat

Available in eight sizes (but particularly great for larger dogs), this coat also features a nice amount of polyester insulation between an inner fleece lining and an outer waterproof shell for a complete barrier against the cold.

This cozy coat is a simple but effective blanket design that is easy to apply. It’s also machine washable (but no dryer!).

Outward Hound’s Ripstop Life Jacket is a necessity around here for those of us who enjoy getting out on the water, not just in the water. This life jacket comes in a variety of sizes and keeps dogs uprights in the water.  The design features several different handles for pulling dogs out of the water, and is bright, buoyant, and reflective.  Plus, just look at it—you can tell it doesn’t mess around!

Kodiak Plaid Coat

This coat by Petrageous Designs is wind and waterproof and offers full chest and back coverage.  A Velcro closure around the waist is easy to fit around your dog.  It is thoughtfully designed with places for an ID, reflective stitching, and elastic leg straps and comes in a variety of sizes (and in two different colors!).

Kong High-Top Boots

These cute little booties (made by Kong) protect your dog’s paws from snow, cold, and rock salt with a combination of thick rubber soles and neoprene sleeves.  Velcro straps make for a tight fit and they are available in a variety of sizes.

A Day at the “Spa”

Winter is a great time to arrange for your dog to visit our daycare. With colder weather, you may not be getting out as much and your dog may be craving some high energy playtime. Plus, make it a full-on pamper fest by adding a grooming appointment.

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